Okay, I want this for my farm. Now what?

gingerOS integrates deeply into your farming systems and processes, which is why we take a couple of extra steps to ensure the OS fits perfectly and your farm gets the most out of it.


Get to know each other

Let's sit down and have a chat first. Tell us about your farm, your processes and your plans. We'll give you an in-depth look at gingerOS, explain the scope of things, pricing models and the best way forward.


Farm intake

Convinced? Nice! Then we will take a deep dive into the nitty gritty of your farming operation. We'll look at layout, infrastructure, hardware & suppliers, workforce - all the bits and pieces really.


Pilot preparation

Following the intake, we'll have some work to do. Maybe hardware connections need to be made, maybe features need to be tuned. We'll work it out so that we can start the next step: doing a pilot with the OS in your farm.



In the pilot you and your workforce get a chance to work with the OS hands-on. We will implement the software in an isolated part of the farm, which allows you to make an educated decision while not interfering with daily production commitments to your clients.


Full farm implementation

When all of us conclude that the pilot was a great success, we will switch gears into a full and blossoming partnership where we get to be the supplier of your vertical farming operating system. Most excellent!