Beyond fundamentals.

Where gingerOS basil laid the groundwork for successful vertical farm operations, the gingerOS romaine release steps it up with features that give farmers a more complete picture of what happens in their farm. Or farms!

Stock management

Nothing worse than production halting because the farm lacks raw ingredients. Stock management lets you plan & track seeds, peat and materials just in time or ahead of schedule.

Weekly harvest schedules

Some clients do not want every day delivery and some crews don't harvest in weekends. Set up weekly harvest schedules per order and make everybody happy.

Farm fleets

Why stop at one? Manage all your farm locations in one place and get a better understanding of their individual and collective performance.

Task administrator

Keep an eye on the performance of your workforce with administrative views that show weekly, monthly and yearly task progression and completion.

As well as these OS updates

Crop loss tracking

Register full or partial crop loss during any stage of the crop growth cycle.

Redesigned dashboards

We learn along the way and improved the visibility of the grow area metrics.

Recipe improvements

An overhaul of recipe designer that makes creating recipes even better.