Easy to use farm management software for vertical farms, greenhouses, and anything in between


Setting up your farm in gingerOS is easy. Simply configure your farm structure and start planning.

Easily configure your farm

gingerOS lets you set up your farm structure, including different room types, zones and number of positions.

Know how much capacity is left

Each room's capacity is monitored, so you know exactly how much more you can grow. Now and in the future.

Track your crops at all times

For each growing stage, gingerOS precisely tracks the type, quantity, position and progress of each crop.


Effortlessly generate orders and align production supply with customer demand.

Create your commercial offering

Define your assortment of SKUs by specifying crop type, price, weight and packaging.

Create orders

Create multi-SKU sales orders and automatically allocate production supply to actual customer demand.

Business insights

Track business KPIs, such as actuals, scheduled revenue, total revenue and unrealised sales potential.


Take command of every aspect of the cultivation process, and shape your ideal crop flow with confidence.

Establish your ideal workflow

Use our workflow builder to establish the phases needed for your cultivation process, and assign room types.

Effortlessly create task definitions

Each type of task needed in your farm can be created, capable of instructing both machines and workers.

Set optimal growth conditions

Create the optimal growth conditions with customisable setpoints fitting your farm's hardware capabilities.


Let us solve the planning puzzle with auto-generated production planning and scheduling.

Auto-generated planning

When scheduling production, gingerOS will auto-generate batches with assigned rooms, positions, and operator tasks.

Track crops from seed to harvest

As scheduled crop batches move from seed to harvest, gingerOS shows you exactly where they are.

Closely monitor production output

Harvested actuals and scheduled production are monitored closely, as well as crop loss and surplus.


Streamline your daily on-the-floor workload with dedicated task handling tools.

All farm tasks in one place

Stay in control as you track progress of tasks and operators for a seamless and efficient operation.

Task handling for your operators

Enhance efficiency and prevent errors with a dedicated task app providing clear instructions for focused execution.

farming is hard enough, let us worry about the software


Configure your farm and see where you're growing what

Crop flow

Define workflow and the optimal conditions for your crops


Auto-generated production planning and scheduling


Easy to use task handling for all your workers

gingerOS charges a yearly subscription based on one flat fee per farm location.

Additional modules


Create customer orders and manage supply & demand


Track your goods used and ensure timely reordering

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